Terms and Conditions of Membership

is itAnchorage Community House (“ACH”) and its Members, including all individuals included in a family or multiple person membership (“Members”), agree to the following terms and conditions which is hereby referred as the “Agreement.”

Facilities: Anchorage Community House Membership entitles Members to the use of the Anchorage Community House, which is the first floor, the lab and outdoor yard spaces.

Patrons Under the Agreement: Members represent to ACH that Members desire to purchase a membership and agree to such terms as set forth in this Agreement that Members have accepted by purchasing a membership.  Members agree to abide by the rules and policies set forth in this Agreement in the use of ACH facilities and participation in ACH events.  Membership at ACH will be terminated at ACH’s discretion for violation of the rules and policies of ACH.  By signing up for membership, Members agree to pay in full 100% of ACH’s membership price for the membership level selected.  Members agree that our membership is for 12 consecutive months from the date the membership commences unless otherwise arranged with ACH in writing, including special offers and discounts.

Membership Identification:  Members may be issued identification cards that shall be presented when requested by ACH.

Members’ Right to Cancel: Members have the right to cancel this Agreement.  Members must provide a written notice of cancellation either in person or via email to meg@anchoragecommunityhouse.com.  Upon submitting a written cancellation, Members will receive an email or letter to confirm cancellation. Memberships are valid for one year, ACH will prorate the balance of the membership amount after the cancellation fee is paid.  Cancellation of a membership agreement within 7 days of purchase will receive a full refund.  $25.00 cancellation fee is applied if canceling after 7 days of purchase.

Non-sufficient Checks: NSF (returned checks) are subject to a $25 fee.  Memberships not paid by another means after a NSF check will be cancelled two (2) weeks after the NSF check.  Members must pay all fees to be reinstated.

Tool Library: All Members have access to ACH’s Tool Library after they read and signed the tool library agreement.

Complete Agreement and Applicable Law:  The terms in this document constitute the full agreement between you and us, and no oral promises whatsoever will be recognized or be binding upon ACH.  This Agreement is governed by Alaska law.  Members fully understand and agree that in participating in one or more activities of the facilities, programs or events offered at ACH, there is the possibility of accidental or other physical injury.  It is ACH policy that all Members must complete a release of liability prior to participation in an event.  It is further expressly agreed that all use of ACH facilities shall be undertaken at Members’, Members’ minor children’s sole risk, and that the Members assume the risk of any injuries he or she or Members’ minor children may sustain while using  ACH  facilities and that ACH shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action, whatsoever to the Members and/or Members’ minor children or property arising out of or connected with the use of any of ACH facilities, programs or events, and the Members and Members’ minor children do hereby expressly forever release and discharge ACH from all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action, and from all acts of negligence, active or passive, and all other fault on the part of ACH, its servants, agents or employees.