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Why become a member of Anchorage Community House?  Think of it as belonging to a clubhouse where exiciting things happen and you can add to the excitement.  Use the Anchorage Community House as your own while leaving the obligations and distractions of your actual home or office behind.


ACH is a membership organization. While non-members are welcome at all of our public events, most events and programs are offered at a discounted price for members, and we hold occasional members-only events throughout the year. We rely on members’ monthly dues to pay a portion of our expenses, and members receive unique benefits for serving as our primary supporters.

Monthly Membership rates:  

  • Individual: $20 
  • Family: $40
  • Senior: $15
  • Senior Family: $30
  • Low Income Individual: $15
  • Low Income Family: $30

Annual Membership rates (a 10% discount from Monthly Membership rates):

  • Founding Member: $500 (Only 50 available)
  • Family: $432
  • Business: $432
  • Non-profit: $216
  • Individual: $216
  • Senior: $162
  • Senior Family: $324
  • Low Income Family: $324
  • Low Income Individual: $162

What do you receive with membership?

  1. Access – to all house benefits and amenities. At ACH you have a space to use for whatever your needs may be. You also have access to the house materials: sewing machine, power tools, bike repair tools, art supplies, fully equipped kitchen with coffee and tea, and a “workshop” for a variety of projects and meetings. The possibilities are endless.  ACH has fresh supplies, and new ideas for programming on hand. This ensures that ACH remains functioning and fun all year long.
  1. First Dibs – on everything happening at ACH! Classes, renting the space, and special events are offered to members before the general public. Consider yourself at the top of the house guest list.
  1. Input – on what exciting happenings take place. You have the opportunity to bring your unique interests for classes and activities to ACH and then enjoy them with your friends, family, and other community members. Chances are that if you want to learn how to do something new, like make homemade pasta or watercolor, there are others that want to learn with you!
  1. Discounts and Deals – on classes, events, and renting the space. Classes at ACH are discounted for members and renting the whole space for a private event is available at a reduced rate for members.

*Membership does not guarantee placement in all classes. Some classes fill quickly. By signing up for membership you agree to the terms and conditions of membership.