Membership Matters

Members Make Anchorage’s People-Powered Place Shine Brighter

Anchorage Community House is celebrating our fourth year. Its evolution has been powered by the people who use it. We’re committed to keeping this a people-powered space, and we’ve made a significant investment to meet the needs of the community. Now we need a commitment from you — your membership!

Annual memberships will be the key to long-term sustainability. Not only will they help us pay the bills; it will also allow us to work together to develop a long-term investment strategy. While we love hosting events for other individuals and organizations, we also want to bring back ACH-hosted classes that allow instructors to share their knowledge and talents on a wide variety of topics.

One of our core principles is transparency. Right now, ACH is just shy of covering our monthly overhead. We are very close, but not quite there. Your annual membership will help us sustain and grow ACH. What do we need to raise? Our goal is to raise $40,000 by November 27th in order to ensure this vibrant community space can reach its full potential. That’s only about 165 annual memberships at varying levels.

With your help, we can meet our goal. Please sign up for your membership today – we have extremely affordable annual memberships for families, businesses, non-profits, individuals, seniors, and low-income individuals and families. 

Along with being part of an amazing space, you get — access to our tool library, discounts on rentals and classes, first dibs on upcoming events, and more. Visit our membership page for more info.