• How do I sign up for classes at Anchorage Community House?

Go to our event calendar and click on the event.  Each event has its own registration.  Follow the prompts to register for the events you’d like to attend.  If you are a member, be sure to sign in before registering to receive special member pricing.

  • Why must I pre-register to attend an Anchorage Community House event?

Anchorage Community House is a small venue that is generally not open to the public to drop in.  Because Anchorage Community House does not have set hours and can accommodate limited participants, registration is required.

  • What does my membership pay for?

With your membership you get access to Anchorage Community House, not only for classes, some of which are free and others cover the cost of materials, but also to member open house times and special events.  Your membership also helps us keep the lights on and makes sure we can keep the house running.

  • Is Anchorage Community House a nonprofit?

No.  Anchorage Community House is fully funded through memberships, class fees and venue rentals.  Anchorage Community House does not receive grants or tax dollars.  However, even though Anchorage Community House is not a nonprofit, it is not profit driven.  Anchorage Community House is a resource for the community and operates much like a nonprofit.  ACH has an advisory board and takes the community’s input into consideration in its operation.