Community Engagement Initiative

Anchorage Community House believes that acting locally to strengthen our community for all is vital to ensure that Anchorage is a welcoming city.  Community houses around the country have a strong tradition of being a hub to help guide residents to effectively access vital services.  ACH wants to do the same.  We now provide informational services.  You may schedule an hour-long appointment to learn more about the systems affecting your life and how to work successfully within those systems. You many also bring questions or concerns about particular issues you are facing.

Examples of how ACH can help:

  • Reading official letters and notices and assisting you with understanding the next steps;
  • Assisting you to find the right agencies to help you fix particular problems;
  • Explain which agencies work on which types of problems;
  • If you have trouble getting help from an agency, we can give information on what to try next.

Basically, we want to give you information you need to enjoy living, working, and growing in Anchorage. We hope that by helping you, you will then be able to help the next person, which will make our community a stronger, more connected place to live.


Anchorage Community House will continue to be a place to gather, learn new things and have fun.  But we want to do more to be a space for members of our community, whether life long Alaskans or newly arrived Alaskans.  Anchorage is a welcoming city and ACH is a welcoming place for all.