Finding Patterns Even In the Snow

Ah, the joys of planning a design in the winter in Alaska.  Fundamental to applying permaculture principles is finding patterns.  There are lots of types of patterns; however until called out in this design course, I can’t stay I’ve noticed them.  The assignment was to find patterns at your project site and photograph them.  Well, I certainly took photos on a gorgeous winter day with the sun shining.  Now let’s see if we can locate some patterns.

The most obvious pattern I was able to locate are the ones in the trees, or a branch pattern.  ACH is lucky to have so many mature trees on the property.  This link really illustrates the branch patter laid flat and integrated into a permaculture design.  It’s a lot along how I think the front yard of ACH will ultimately be developed with some things already done in that manner.  The front yard is accessed through the driveway and there are already natural points of departure from the main branch, such as the two clusters of trees and another center tree all leading toward the street and leading toward the house are off shoots to the built in garden boxes abutting the house.

Admittedly, this is the primary and only pattern I currently see on the property.  In the backyard the layout is similar with primary footpaths that branch out to set destinations – the main garden bed, the kids’ garden, the green house, the tool library and perhaps most importantly the hammock.  What that tells us is we need to incorporate additional patterns and get away from the current linear design to make the most out of the property.

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