Meet Meg

Meg Zaletel is the owner and volunteer director of Anchorage Community House.  Meg enjoys hosting events, getting crafty and being creative.  When she is not running Anchorage Community House, Meg is a civil rights attorney.  She lives with her husband Zach, a chemical engineer, and their daughter Zelda, a firecracker.

Anchorage Community House was born from a desire to create a new venue of value to the community.  Meg and Zach had the opportunity to purchase the house across the street from their own, and they decided to try something new.  Meg learned the long history of community houses in the lower 48, some in existence for over 100 years, and she thought a learning space and small venue would be a good fit for Anchorage, especially given the central location of the house.
Good things come in small packages – join with Meg, Zach and many others in the community and help make Anchorage Community House great.